Friday, March 27, 2009

The Secrets to Great Skin

For thousands of years people have chased after many 'secrets' in the pursuit of beauty. In the last 50 years we have learned so much about how our bodies 'age' and especially the factors that affect the health of our skin. For example, our exposure to the sun has the greatest impact on the condition of our skin. Though many people still think of the sun giving us a 'healthy tan', that tanning effect is actually a direct response of the skin being damaged by harmful UV rays.

The single greatest way to improve your skin, look young and reduce wrinkles is to protect yourself from the sun. That doesn't mean you have to look pale either! There are now many great self-tanning products on the market that create the genuine appearance of a tan with none of the damage. Though our office is highly-trained in treating skin cancer and other serious problems that can result from sun damage, I would much rather see you enjoy life with naturally healthy and radiant skin!

Through this blog I will expand on this topic and many others, so please feel welcome to visit often and ask questions.

Dr. Steven Hodgkin MD
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